Catch-More Solid PVA Bags Long 70x200mm - 50 Pack

Catch-More Solid PVA Bags Long 70x200mm - 50 Pack

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Catch-More PVA products have been created by our team of top anglers to provide you the best quality PVA, at an unbeatable price.

This HUGE 50 pack can be used in all weather, is super strong and breaks down quickly presenting your bait perfectly.   

Bags are supplied with a special coating that prevents them sticking to each other and ensures they can be opened and filled easier than standard solid bags even in damp conditions where others have issues.

Four sizes cover all applications from tiny feed parcels containing leads and rigs designed for extreme range work to large groupings of feed to punch amongst lilies and weed.

Key Features

  • Can be used all year round
  • Available in 4 sizes to cover all situations
  • Supplied in a re-sealable wallet
  • Rapid melt
  • Extremely robust
  • Zero residue when melted
  • Completely aroma free