Lost In Fishing

We are Noah and Rob from lost on fishing and we are dedicated anglers.

We have only been fishing for just over 2 years and we are improving rapidly. We both gradually got into carp fishing from fishing for roach at a little pool to fishing for some baby carp off the surface then to catching some beautiful carp from some magical lakes in a short space of 2 years. But we love getting onto the bank every time we hook a fish no matter the size we love the feeling and I don't think we will ever lose the feeling or the passion for carp.

We both recently caught some massive pb's fishing with carpology (you can see robs beautiful pb down below coming in at 26.15lb) and it was an amazing session, we where learning loads and catching some beautiful fish at the same time.

We documented all of our adventurer for our YouTube channel witch we post weekly on, and we catch some beautiful carp on there🙌. We are working on posting even more fishing videos 📹.

We are really excited to start working with catchmorepva and we know we are going to land some beautiful fish using there products.

Tight lines and wet nets, lost in fishing